An analysis of the university of latvia

In addition to the main campus in Aarhus, Aarhus University has campuses in Herning and Emdrup, as well as research activities in 18 different locations in Denmark, Greenland and Tenerife.

An analysis of the university of latvia

Resource efficiency, circular economy and ecodesign Smart energy and zero carbon technologies System approach integration in energy sector Etc. In particular the journal pay attention to but not only to: Electrical Machines and Apparatus EMA — Theory, simulation and design of electrical machines and apparatus such as transformers, relays etc.

Electrical Drives, Mechatronics and Robotics EDR — Applications of electrical machines and apparatus, as well as theory, simulation, design and control of electrical drives, in particular, in robotic and mechatronic systems.

Power Electronic Converters PEC — Topologies, theory and analysis, simulation, control and applications of power electronic converters. Power Electronic Technologies PEL — Design, details of construction, manufacturing technology of power electronic converters.

Implementation, protection and thermal design of power semiconductor switches. Snubbers and resonant circuits, as well as other topics related to power electronic converters. Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC — Electromagnetic compatibility and interference of electrical equipment.

Study of reliability and diagnostics of electrical equipment and materials. Control Engineering and IT CTL — Theory and analysis, simulation, hardware and software dedicated for process control in various areas.

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Communication Engineering CMN — Physical principles of information transmission, technical and information processing support for such transmission, new interfaces and protocols.

Its main goal is to give quality research papers. It provides platform to publish the research works of academicians, students and professionals. It publishes only original, unpublished and not submitted to any other journal research papers and review papers.

The main focus of the Journal is issues of optimization of power supply systems, security and effectiveness of transmission lines and equipments. The journal comprises articles on the topical issues of technical and economical aspects of power industry and alternative energy.

The journal covers the following An analysis of the university of latvia The authors of the articles are academics and doctoral students of RTU.

The objectives of the journal are to extend the fundamental knowledge of real estate market and civil construction and to provide information that would help the industry practitioners and entrepreneurs, as well as academic staff to increase the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of real estate and construction market.

Fundamental research of the journal reflects diverse research results concerning real estate sector, related sectors and interacting branches of science in the context of contemporary market development, and that allows classifying the journal in the category of interdisciplinary scientific journals.

We invite the interested parties to publish their articles in the journal, reflecting the topical research that would be useful for making business decisions in such areas as sustainable development and management of sound environment, devoting special attention to real estate and construction market analyses and assessment.

The articles are written by researchers and PhD students from the region. Articles are published in English or in English and Latvian. The Scientific Journal is published twice a year, in the month of July and December. The journal is focused on: History of Architecture and Urbanism Preservation and Development of Cultural Heritage Theories and Criticism of Architecture and Urbanism Local and Global Tendencies in Architecture and Urban Planning Sustainable Architecture and Urban Environment Landscape Architecture Information presented in the journal may be useful in professional creative work of architects, urban planners, as well as to institutions responsible for preservation and protection of cultural heritage.

The Journal editorial board is composed mainly of academics and researchers from Northern and Eastern Europe. The journal comprises articles on the latest practical as well as theoretical studies and experiments in the transport sector, particularly in aerospace engineering.

The aim of the journal is to identify, evaluate and promote engineering sciences and demonstrate the role of the institutions of higher technical education in economics, culture and history of Latvia and other countries.

The journal comprises original research articles written by the personnel of the Research Centre for Engineering History and historians of engineering sciences. Journal covers research in different branches of chemistry and chemical technology, biotechnology, materials science, physics and biomechanics.

Computer networks, distributed computer control system and service. It includes computer networks and services, media, internet, voice and image recognition systems, wireless networks, sensor networks. Computer graphics and image processing. It includes 2D and 3D computer graphics techniques and algorithms, pattern recognition methods, recognition neural networks, image processing techniques, scene analysis, computer vision, use of computer graphics and image processing in various industries.

View Journal Current Issue Register Safety of Technogenic Environment The scientific journal includes scientific articles reflecting safety problems of contemporary technogenic environment in the context of globalization and new economy development.

The journal includes the research results of the Latvian and foreign scientists, university teaching staff, students of Master and Doctoral study programmes. The scientific articles may be useful for specialists interested in the problems of technogenic environment as the basic element of ecological safety; university teaching staff, students of Master and Doctoral study programmes.

View Journal Current Issue Register Construction Science The Journal aims at publishing results of research concerning topical issues in development of advanced materials, constructions and technologies, recycled product application, ecological "green" and energy efficient materials in civil engineering.

It provides information on recent research in various branches of civil engineering carried out by researchers at Riga Technical University and in collaboration with partners abroad.The university was founded in and today it has several world class research fields. Aarhus University (AU) is a top ten university among universities founded within the past years.

Turiba University has received recognition from employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities.

% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students are working during their studies.

University of Latvia Established in , the University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitate) has graduated most of Latvia's leaders and important political, scientific, and cultural heroes. With almost 30, students, the university is the premier institution of higher education in Riga.

17 hours ago · Data analysis was conducted using SPSS version Results. Assessing disease-awareness frequency in media.

An analysis of the university of latvia

A total of materials were collected, 94 University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia (4) Faculty of Pharmacy and Charles Perkins Centre, The University . The end of communism in Eastern Europe ushered in an era of markets and modernity. Post-communist capitalism has also wrought stratification with intensified upward and downward socio-economic mobility.

Examining the case of Latvia, we offer an analysis of one of post-communist capitalism’s most apparent effects: the creation of a broad and diverse mass of economically disadvantaged inhabitants.

Analysis of EU directives from a gendered perspective University Of Latvia, Women's studies, Structure. Additional info. Type. Organisation.

statistical indicators, factor analysis and variance analysis are applied. Main findings of the paper are that in general the motivation factors in different countries are alike, but for Latvia entrepreneurs willing to start their business most important. Essays in peace research galtungs quecksilberporosimetrie dissertation dissertation serment de jeu de paume versailles healthy food essay conclusion essay writing for university entrance signs latvia essay essay for ias papers elements of a compare and contrast essay. Nursing dissertation slumdog millionaire summary essays. A selection of current projects: Topological Modelling of Structural Alignment: A Topological and Experimental Analysis of Information Visualisation. Foundation of the University of Latvia .

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