An examination of the growing problem of violence in sports

Junta riveted a nation still reeling from the aftermath of terrorism. Can this be possible? Has the incidence of violence in organized youth sports actually reached epidemic proportions? Perhaps most important, what role should recreation professionals have in the administration of local youth sport leagues in order to minimize the likelihood of negative or violent incidents occurring in their community?

An examination of the growing problem of violence in sports

August 21, The problem of fan violence in the world of athletics can be traced all the way back to the Roman Times and the Colosseum. A bad call here, a horrible result there resulting in fans throwing beer, taking the field in outrage or even going after one another.

The earliest recording of this was during the Roman Empire era in which fans of particular chariot team resulted in these types of riots. It is also pointed to the fact that, during this time, of a combination of political and theological issues that help push these riots to the breaking point.

The featured the rivilary of supporters for the Blue and Green chariot teams that reached a breaking point. Here are some examples of it below: January 12,Greece- A meeting between the Panathinaikos and the Olympiacos, in which the Olympiacos wonsaw a riot rage when the Green fans attacked Red fans.

Stow went into a coma and still is recovering where as the two offenders were recently arrested and charged. June,Vancouver, British Columbia — Following the Boston Bruins clinching of the Stanley Cup in Vancouver against the Vancouver Cancuks, Vancouver fans went into a riot following the Game 7 loss to the Bruins that resulted in people injured, one critical.

Nine police officers were injured, four people were stabbed, arrest that night with an additional 16 in the few days following the incident.

An examination of the growing problem of violence in sports

The property damage was in the five-million-dollar range. Both were about 15 minutes apart and just minutes after the game had ended. All three men were Raider fans. Fan violence has slowly became a part of the game itself it seems like. Let me ask this, what ever happen to just enjoying the game, win or lose?

Win or lose, it is just a game. Gafni, Matthias August 21, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Teen violence is a growing problem across central Indiana. This dissertation applies imitation theory to the problem of domestic violence.

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The original research examines the effects of exposure to violent football games and exposure to media accounts of violence by players off the field on incidence rates for domestic violence.

The link between viewing violent sports and spectator violence is also . Sports Football Domestic violence a growing problem in NFL. "It doesn't have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem." News 12 am New York Newsday Cars Newsday Homes.

Unfortunately, there’s a less glamorous side to sport, with a growing trend of violent incidents both on and off field.

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And it’s not just a problem in Australia – sport-related violence is quickly becoming a common worldwide phenomenon. or downplay violence in sport. Slow motion replays, humorous language about violence, and editing choices (i.e., frequently reproducing images of hockey fights as opposed to other images, such as goal scoring), allow the media to support, legitimate, and justify various sorts of sports violence, including aggressive and injurious play on the field.

VIOLENCE IN SPORT PLAYER VIOLENCE CROWD VIOLENCE Can I identify the causes and solutions of violence in sport by both players and spectators. Can I explain using suitable practical examples the solutions, causes of violence in sport.

Using the knowledge gained can I answer an exam response relating.

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