Asteroids threat us coursework

First of all when w talk about cosmic hazards we are talking about more than asteroids.

Asteroids threat us coursework

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May 14, by James Shewaga, University of Saskatchewan Geological sciences professor Brian Pratt holds a shatter cone, resulting from an asteroid hitting the Earth.

What would have happened if it had hit Earth instead of Jupiter? Most researchers believe the likelihood of a massive object colliding with Earth in our lifetime is small, but the planet has been hit before and will certainly be hit again. Stauffer has spent a lifetime collecting the evidence, searching for meteorites, shatter cones rock violently fractured around the rim of impact craters and tektites pulverized rock liquified by the superheated temperature of an impact and blasted into the atmosphere before raining down to the surface.

Stauffer said on average the Earth gets hits by a one-metre-wide asteroid about once a year, although, most burn up in the atmosphere or crash into Asteroids threat us coursework regions or our vast oceans.

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Two of the most alarming recent events occurred in the Siberian region of Russia, including the asteroid air burst near Chelyabinsk that was reported in the journal Nature to be a house-sized object 20 metres in diameter, releasing the energy equivalent oftonnes of TNT.

InBrian Pratt, pictured right, helped discover the impact crater located on the northwestern part of Victoria Island in the Arctic. More than 1, research papers have been filed on that blast, with supercomputer simulations projecting the object to have been 60 to metres wide and to have exploded with a force of up to 15 megatons of TNT 1, times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Chelyabinsk and Tunguska are the most recent examples of what can happen when an asteroid or comet enters a collision course with the planet.

The Earth Impact Database documents asteroid craters of at least one kilometre in diameter, a list that includes the km Sudbury impact—the third largest in the world—1. The database includes six impact craters in Saskatchewan two kilometres or larger—Viewfield, Gow Lake, Maple Creek, Elbow, Deep Bay and Carswell the biggest at 39km wide —dating between 75 million and million years ago, as well as the 25km Victoria Island crater in the Arctic that U of S geological sciences professor Brian Pratt helped discover in while exploring the area for Natural Resources Canada.

So, we landed and walked about 30 yards to the first outcrop of tilted rocks and right away we saw shatter cones. Daryl Janzen, a U of S sessional lecturer in physics.

To date, NASA has documented 18, NEOs in our solar system, including 1, that are at least metres in diameter and have orbits near enough to Earth to be classified as potentially hazardous asteroids. But thousands remain undetected. On April 18 an asteroid labelled GE3, estimated at up to metres in diameter, escaped detection by NASA until just a few days before passing halfway between the Earth and moon ,km at a speed of ,km per hour.

Identifying threats is the first step, with the United Nations recently endorsing establishment of the International Asteroid Warning Network for world-wide collaboration to defend Earth from potential and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

Asteroids are medium sized rocks that orbit sunlight; Asteroids can be smaller than one-mile to almost a long way. There are various asteroids in our solar system. The asteroid belt was created when the solar system was shaped and the asteroid belt is manufactured out of a cloud of dirt, glaciers and gas.

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Near Earth Objects (1 AU is the distance from Earth to the sun) • Asteroids and comets with _____distance minimum from sun of less than AU. • Near . Earth asteroids) have orbits that cross 1 AU and can therefore pose a threat to the Earth.

Asteroids: Threat To The Earth Asteroids are celestial bodies from the inner solar systems. These small planets orbiting the sun have not really formed to create a planet. View EARTH IMPACTORS from ANT at Hillsborough Community College. EARTH IMPACTORS Daizsa Hardy 11/23/16 Asteroids threat to earth When asteroids and . Watch video · The green dots represent near-Earth asteroids while the yellow dots stand for comets. A ‘near-Earth object’ is defined as an asteroid or comet whose orbit intersects with the Earth's and therefore may pose a threat.

The discovery, follow up and characterization of NEAs is a Congressional mandate for NASA. In the s, Stauffer was a member of the national Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee which called on the Canadian Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States to identify near-Earth objects (NEOs) and track potential threats to the planet.

Are asteroids a threat to us coursework.

Asteroids threat us coursework

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