Capitalism benefits everybody reflective essay

The government is responsible for the equal distribution of resources. All the resources in a country are apportioned in a manner that reflects the financial strength of the entire population. For example, the government might introduce taxes on high incomes of people to get funds to help those whose incomes are low or do not have any income sources. Through such initiatives, the state is to bring equality amongst its citizens.

Capitalism benefits everybody reflective essay

Capitalism, Socialism, and Economic Democracy: In Decemberafter the current economic crisis erupted, Walden Bello speculated that capitalist elites might respond with a new political project: In so doing, this new political project would attempt to breathe new life into the process of capitalist globalization by managing and alleviating the sharpening of economic, social, and ecological contradictions under the neoliberal regime.

Bello went on to identify some of the figures who could act as carriers of the global social democratic project, including politicians such as Gordon Brown and Barack Obama and academics such as Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz.

However, more salient now is the fact that despite the monumental failure of the neoliberal model revealed by the current crisis, the policies and philosophy underlying neoliberalism continue to have the upper hand to the point that even a nod toward global social democracy is nowhere to be seen on the horizon.

This surprising turn of events stems from and illustrates the impotence of the mainstream political Left in most parts of the world today. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has shown greater concern for the well-being of Wall Street and the medical industrial complex than for ordinary Americans.

Another figure Bello could have named as a possible carrier of the global social democratic project because of his role as president of the Socialist International [3] is faring even worse.

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After being elected Greek prime minister in the fall of on a platform that excoriated austerity as the wrong kind of policy to be adopted at a time of deep economic crisis, George Papandreou has reversed himself and, faced with a debt crisis, called in the International Monetary Fund and imposed the most brutal austerity program the country has ever seen.

While the global economy is in a tailspin, the ecological crisis has been deepening even as efforts to do something about it seem to be frustrated at every turn.

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After the disappointing failure of the Copenhagen conference on global warming in Decemberseveral ecological catastrophes have highlighted the seriousness of the ecological crisis: In this context, the radical message of the ecosocialist project appears as the only way out of the devastation that capitalism continues to inflict on humanity and the planet alike.

This article seeks to contribute to the development of the ecosocialist project by exploring the connection between the ineffectual way that the mainstream political Left has responded to the current crisis and its lack of a compelling and coherent political project that would allow it to capitalize on the bankruptcy of the neoliberal model.

The failure of the political forces of the mainstream Left to successfully use this moment to put forth a democratic alternative cannot be understood without taking into account the broader ideological struggle over the meaning of capitalism and socialism alike that the current crisis has also given rise to.

Thus, the goal of socialists and the Left should not be a well-regulated capitalism but a social and economic system that serves the goals and priorities of all its citizens. Economic democracy presupposes not only the abolition of capitalism and class inequalities but of any and all social inequalities, such as racial and gender inequalities, that prevent all citizens from having an equal say over the goals and priorities of the social and economic system in which they live.

Capitalism benefits everybody reflective essay

Socialism and the Capitalist Crisis The current economic crisis has placed socialists and the mainstream political Left in a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, this crisis has exposed the incompetence and corruption of capitalist economic and political elites. Indeed, after declaring during his campaign that the economic crisis demonstrated the bankruptcy of trickle-down economics, President Obama proceeded to appoint as his economic advisers people with a long record of support for the neoliberal policies that have increased economic inequality and set the stage for the current economic crisis.

This may seem like a surprising turn of events.

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It also obscures the process through which this power is capable of turning mutually beneficial exchanges between individuals into the mechanism the capitalist class continually uses to exploit the working class.

As Immanuel Wallerstein and others have pointed out, the interests of capitalists lie not in the defense of a mythical free market but in making profit.

When their profit-making is served by measures that interfere with the free market, capitalists will favor and aggressively push for them. What this definition misses is the power implications of the fact that capitalism concentrates productive resources into the hands of a relatively small economic elite.

From the point of view of this elite, what appears to Stiglitz as ersatz capitalism is in fact the ideal profit-maximizing strategy. Members of this elite who maximize profit by keeping gains to themselves and shifting losses to the general public can hardly be accused of being class traitors who have turned against the virtues of capitalism, much less of succumbing to the pernicious charms of socialism.

If the practice of privatizing gains and socializing losses is an ideal way of increasing profits and promoting capital accumulation, how can it seriously be denounced as a manifestation of ersatz capitalism?

And yet this is the only conclusion one can reach if one defines capitalism purely in terms of the market. In addition to encouraging the interpretation of government intervention in the economy as socialism, such a definition represents a true ideological coup for defenders of capitalism.Capitalism, as we are aware, is an economy where resources and firms are privately owned in free markets.

Normally, this usually involves some government intervention to regulate certain aspects of the economy and protect private property [ 9 ]. One of the greatest things about capitalism is that it works perfectly with democracy: everyone gets 1 vote, and thus equal power politically, whatever their race, political views or gender.

In Britain, recent legislation has even allowed some prisoners to vote. Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story “Capitalism, a system of giving and taking --mostly taking,” the highlight of Michael Moore’s documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

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Andrew Youhanna (University of Western Sydney [, Forum 2] emphasised the importance of capitalism through economic growth for business', however at the same time disagreed with the outsourcing of jobs especially with big corporations looking to minimise their costs in order to increase profitability.

Capitalism, as we are aware, is an economy where resources and firms are privately owned in free markets. Normally, this usually involves some government intervention to regulate certain aspects of the economy and protect private property [ 9 ].

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