How do media influence our lifestyle and culture

Trying to define Cyberpunk is a difficult task.

How do media influence our lifestyle and culture

Body image develops early in childhood.

How do media influence our lifestyle and culture

Body image is influenced by family and culture. Exposure to traditional media is a risk factor for developing body dissatisfaction. The measurements of the male action figures young boys play with exceed even those of the biggest bodybuilders.

The pursuit of a perfect body is no longer only a "girl" thing. From padded Halloween superhero costumes that give 5-year-olds six-pack abs to action movie stars with exaggerated physiques, representations of men in the media have become increasingly muscular and unrealistic.

Boys are falling prey to the images of ideal bodies splashed across magazine covers; in video games, movies, and music videos; and now on social media.

They want to bulk up. Big muscles are typically associated with good health. But what drives a young man to achieve that look can be far from healthy. With the advent of social media, online forums and blogs make it easy to seek and share information about diet and fitness. And some boys are going to extreme efforts to get a muscular, chiseled physique.

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Boys are encouraged at an early age to think that being a man and being physically strong go hand in hand. As they grow older, the pressure to "man up" can sometimes lead to crash diets, over-exercising, smoking, or even taking dangerous supplements.

What families can do Make health a habit. Look for alternative media. Avoid TV, movies, and magazines that promote stereotypes and outdated gender roles. Do a reality check.

How do media influence our lifestyle and culture

Point out that the sports celebrities they admire have teams of people helping them to work out, feeding them special meals, and, in some cases, surgically altering them. The same holds true for "hot" movie stars. One glance at the real men in their lives will drive home this point.

Online, boys can feed their obsession in isolation. Bodybuilding and fitness forums can promote risky training and unattainable body ideals that boys may pursue without checking with a doctor or coach. Also, boys can expose themselves to constant criticism by posting photos of themselves.

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