Module 1 online discussion

I've organized this guide a little differently, however, so we're going to save the in-depth discussion of DRAM refresh and its attendant problems and their attendant work-arounds for a later part of the guide.

Module 1 online discussion

Module 1 online discussion

Learners will be able to: Recognize signs of sex trafficking. Understand the nursing role as it pertains to sex trafficking, in relationship to nursing assessment, interventions, communication and patient-centered care planning.

Identify barriers that victims of trafficking may have from leaving the trafficking situation. Identify resources available for victims of trafficking and healthcare providers. Strategy Overview Sex trafficking is an issue that nurses in the United States need to be aware of in order to provide the best care to their clients.

It was estimated in by the U. Department of Justice that there were betweenandpeople living and working as Module 1 online discussion slaves in the United States, and these numbers are only rising. It is imperative that nurses know how to recognize signs of trafficking and know how to intervene in order to protect the health and safety of the clients that they work with.

In order for nurses to confidently and successfully intervene when they find themselves in situations where trafficking is suspected, they must be educated. Faculty would follow-up in a variety of ways, which they can tailor to the needs of their students. Educators could use the module quizzes as an assessment of module understanding for a grade in their courses.

The case-studies could be distributed as an essay discussion assignment or could be used to assess understanding as part of a simulation or class discussion; participation and understanding may be evaluated as strictly as the educator sees fit, no rubric is included in the module for case-study grading purposes.

Furthermore, the module could be an efficacious teaching tool used as continuing education units for graduate students, nurses in practice, as well as other healthcare providers. The content included in the lecture portion of the module is intended to define sex trafficking and to make learners aware that sex trafficking is a problem in the United States.

A description of different modes of sex trafficking, at-risk populations, the process of victimization, and barriers to escape are included in the module. The module also includes a discussion on victimization, nursing assessment and interventions, and the role of the law in sex trafficking.The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issues drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and license plates in the Silver State.

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Start studying Module 1 Discussion Questions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Eco-Psychotherapy Synthesising ecology and psychotherapy in practice and theory Online Module So much psychotherapy takes place within the confines of a consulting room.

Module 1 30; Module 2 19; Module 3 12 Module 1 Discussion: BAH allowances. elvir October 2. Let’s take a look at BAH allowances for service members. What is the BAH for your market area? How do BAH rates compare with average monthly mortgage costs in your market area? After you have posted to this discussion, review your .

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