Professional appearance

Written by Sean McPheat 27 October, It is true, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. As a sales professional, it is imperative that the first impression the prospect gets of you be a good one, and it starts with your appearance.

Professional appearance

However, it generally means the recommended appearance within a particular work environment. The importance and reasoning behind the implementation of a dress Professional appearance for the workplace varies by industry based on the nature of the industry and this is subject to interpretation of each industry.

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For example, professionalism for an employer in a bank may require an employee to wear business attire all year for the position as a teller which requires constant interaction with clients.

On the other hand, professionalism for an employee who is a graphic artist in an advertising agency may call for more casual wear such as jeans and a casual shirt. Legal position in the workplace Dress codes are guided by policies, practices and norms in various workplaces which establishes the reason an employer may have one.

There are numerous requirements and expectations set forth in the United States Marine Corps on proper military appearance. I will describe the importance of obedience to the military code conduct in reference to MCO and MCO PG to cite its rules and regulations: to ensure Marines meet the standards of rules of regulations according to the importance of military appearance and the. Proper grooming and professional appearance are important to gain not just positive impression but also respect in the workplace. First impressions matter and the way you look and carry yourself create impact on people you get along with in the work setting. Professional Appearance – People like to work with/do business with people who look professional. It is in our nature as visually driven beings. It is in our nature as visually driven beings. It .

Three main reasons include but are not limited to: To be easily identifiable. For example, an airline may require staff to wear uniforms, featuring thelogo of that airline.

To represent an image to reflect the ethos of the organisation. This can call for the removal of certain body piercings and the covering of tattoos.

Health and safety purposes. For example, firefighters are required to wear a rigid helmet, hand gloves, a belt, and safety shoes. This meant that male staff were required to wear a collar and tie. Simply restricting members of one sex to a particular type of clothing whilst members of the other sex were not did not amount to less favourable treatment as common standard had been set for all staff and neither gender had been treated less favourably by the enforcement of that standard, albeit with non-identical results.

Remedies The High Court is not limited to employment matters and offers an alternative method of recourse to any individual. Where there is a trade dispute between employer and employee, a report can be made to the Minister of Labour who then determines whether the dispute is unresolved and refer the matter to the Industrial Court: Compensatory damages, reinstatement and re-hiring may be awarded if a claim is successful.

These topics ranged from analysis of specific legislation, to general legal concepts. The aim of this exercise was to teach the students how to write about complex legal issues, for the average newspaper reader.3 iv.

Once home, place hospital-furnished clothing in plastic bag, to be returned to the hospital for laundering.

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v. At home, wash soiled personal clothing separately . How important is it to look professional in your sales role? Here are some top tips and examples you should follow in the workplace. Policy Overview: In an effort to show commitment to our Service Excellence Standards, all employees will maintain a professional appearance that presents a positive image to our patients and visitors.

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iRubric SX5A Students will exhibit "Professional Appearance" suitable to industry standards.. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. Personal appearance is an often disregarded part of communication and presentation skills.


When you are speaking in public you may be representing your organisation or just yourself, but it is still you in the front line. It is you that the other person, group or audience sees and before you have.

In the business environment, there are often guidelines as to the manner in which an employee should present himself/herself, in keeping with the corporate image of the employer.

Professional appearance
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