Roles and responsibilities in the lifelong learning sector essay

Explain how different assessment methods can be adapted to meet individual learner needs.

Roles and responsibilities in the lifelong learning sector essay

Boundaries Between the Teaching Role and Other Professional Roles Updated on June 13, more Teachers in their profession are required to maintain appropriate standards and fulfil their responsibilities, not just to learners, but also to institutions, colleagues and other professional roles.

In order to do that a teacher should set professional and personal boundaries, which will also set their limits and will identify what their professional role involves.

Source Setting role boundaries is also useful to define professional duties, limitations and rights of a professional worker like a teacher.

So when you are going to set your boundaries as a teacher you are also defining your duties and everything that your professional role involves. For example a teacher has the right to contact the learners regarding the course, but calling them 10 times would be inappropriate. A teacher can be friendly with the learner but getting overfriendly, too personal or too emotionally involved in some situations can be deemed inappropriate.

In fact a professional behaviour for a teacher is essential; a teacher needs to be impartial, fair and ethical with all learners.

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A teacher should also consider using caution with self-disclosure: A teacher should also worry about which barriers the learners can face; these barriers could be for example disabilities or attendance. A teacher has the responsibility to help the learners overcome or minimise these barriers and have the best possible result in terms of learning.

However, the teacher cannot always be the right person to help the learners overcome their barriers in learning or in life; there are situations where the teacher just has to ask for help to other authorities.

For a teacher, knowing how and when to refer is an important part of setting their boundaries between their role and the role of other professionals such as colleagues, superiors, local services, social workers, etc.

So for example if the teacher suspects that a learner could be a drug addict or can have problems with an alcohol addiction, then the right thing to do is to report this to appropriate local services.

Roles and responsibilities in the lifelong learning sector essay

If a teacher suspects that a learner can suffer of a situation of abuse at home, then again the right thing to do is to refer to local authorities.Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning First of all, as a teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector I make sure that I know and I explain to my students all the rules and laws.

I start to explain the key aspect of Legislation. 1Professional standards and legislations in the lifelong learning sector have undergone many changes and will continue to ensure those, who are teaching, are essentially up to the job and are in a safe environment to do so.

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Another factor which brought changes to the agenda regarding inclusive learning was the demand for lifelong learning (Shapiro and Rich, ).

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David Blunkett’s Green Paper in put emphasis on lifelong learning and it requested the educational system to broaden the learning age. This text has been revised and updated to take account of the variety of contexts within the Lifelong Learning Sector.

It provides a source of guidance, support and training materials for those involved with mentoring within the sector and presents current theory in an accessible way, illustrated with familiar and pertinent examples.

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