Temperature pattern exercise 2 essay

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Temperature pattern exercise 2 essay

They are more pronounced in the summer. The reason will be coming from an article on How the Oceans Influence Climate, Cool ocean currents influence the climate by transporting heat. Horizontal currents, particularly those moving north or south, can carry warmed or cooled water as far as several thousand kilometers.

The displaced water can then warm or cool the air in the case, cooling during the summer and, indirectly, the land over which this air blows. In addition to currents, up-wellings of cold water in places where the wind blows surface water away can also affect climate.

Thus San Francisco, influenced by coastal up-welling, is hardly warmer than Dublin, which is influenced by the Temperature pattern exercise 2 essay Stream, despite being over 1, km further south. Resource How the oceans influence climate. How the Oceans Influence Climate.

Siberia is the best answer according to what I see on both figures and Thus, the temperature is uniformly high in the equatorial region, and the annual range of temperature is negligible.

The equatorial region experience so little winter cooling because of this. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Begin in the west and move across the map to the east, briefly explaining why the actual 16 degrees Celsius isotherm deviates from the hypothetical.

The isothermal shift is much more pronounced in high altitudes than in low and also much more pronounced over the continents than over the oceans. The temperature gradient rate of temperature change with horizontal distance is steeper in winter than in summer, which in turn reflects the greater contrast in radiation balance in winter.

Temperature pattern exercise 2 essay

What explains the different temperature patterns of St. The pattern most associated with the temperature difference is land-water contrasts.


Land heats and cools faster and more intensely than water. With Oakland next to the Pacific Ocean and St. Louis centralized on land in the Continental United States, this answer makes more sense.

Why is the warmest month of summer different in St. The winds coming off the ocean in Oakland keep the summer cooler than the summers you would experience in St.

Louis found in the interior of the United States and not close to the ocean, the land that it sits on heats up more rapidly and reaches a higher temperature than a comparable city near a water surface subject to the same insolation. Louis have colder winters than Norfolk? With Norfolk next to the Atlantic Ocean while St.

Louis is centralized in the United States, the temperatures in winter differentiate due to St. Louis not near an ocean to help mitigate the crisp winters and Norfolk does.

Land cools more rapidly than water. Water harnesses the heat from the sun throughout the spring and summer months and slowly releases that warmth through the ocean air next to bodies of land if there is any.

This helps mitigate the city of Norfolk from not experiencing winter like settings such as St. The wind patterns between the two cities is what makes the difference. Typical characteristics include relatively small diurnal and seasonal temperature variation, and increased precipitation due to more moist air.

Norfolk on the other hand has a mostly continental climate, a climate characterized by hot summers, cold winters, and little rainfall, typical of the interior of a continent. In Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

What explains the difference in temperature patterns between Fairbanks and St. The wind patterns explains the different temperature patterns between the two cities.

Fairbanks is within the polar easterlies pattern while St. Louis is within the westerlies wind pattern. What explains the difference in temperature patterns between Fairbanks and Nome?

This helps mitigate the city of Nome from not experiencing winter like settings such as Fairbanks. Why does Lihue have a smaller annual temperature range than Oakland? This is due because of the Land-water contrast pattern.

Temperature pattern exercise 2 essay

Lihue is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean therefore has warmer waters constantly around it year round while Oakland is next to a body of water, though it does have land mass big enough around it to differentiate the air temperature more than Lihue.Arugula is a lesser known cruciferous vegetable that provides many of the same benefits as other vegetables of the same family, such as broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts.

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The temperature contrast between the equator and the Arctic region is greatest in the winter, because the Arctic region is furthest away from the Sun during that time.

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