Torsional pendulum preliminary experiment 2 essay

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Torsional pendulum preliminary experiment 2 essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I will no longer need to do 5 oscillations and then divide by 5 as the accuracy of the readings by the light gate ensures that the experimental error will already be eliminated as human error and reaction time no longer applies.

Therefore I will use a larger diameter of wire, which will therefore reduce the percentage error as the accuracy of the micrometer will still be the same. Therefore I am going to use a light gate to measure the time period, this will reduce error on the time period significantly.

It will eliminate the human error as the error due human reaction time will no longer apply. There will only be a reading error now, which is far less significant than the experimental error.

Torsional pendulum preliminary experiment 2 essay

Therefore I am hoping this will further reduce the error in the time period. I will go up by 50mm each time so that I get a suitable number of results.

Investigate the effect of changing the length of wire on the time period for a Torsional pendulum. It is important to make the experiment fair to ensure reliability of results. The following must be considered when carrying out my experiment.

As I predicted in the preliminary I expect the time period to increase as the length of wire increases, this is due to the equation derived in my research above. Where theoretically the relationship between time period and length should be T? However, from the equation I can see that the diameter is to the power of 4, therefore even a very small change in diameter will cause a major difference in the time period, therefore using a greater diameter will cause the denominator to be much larger and so the overall time period will be significantly lower.

For example I will expect the time period for 0. Using the theory above I can make a predicted graph of what I am expecting from my log log graph, by simply putting the lengths into the formula, as I already have the measured diameter of wire, length and mass of bar.

This is what I obtained. This shows that I should obtain exactly 0. Set the time to 30 seconds and tick light gate sensor. Then connect the wire to the metal bar, attach the wire to the bung and tighten.

Measure the diameter of the wire at a few intervals and ensure that it is the same, record this diameter. Allow the bar to complete 3 oscillations; this would be 2 peaks, 3 times, as shown below. Click on interval and hold and drag from one peak to 2 peaks later, this will give you the time period for one oscillation.

Record this in a suitable format and do the same for the next 2 oscillations.(2) (), ','9] discuss the muddle Pappus made in Book III of the problem of displaying the arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means of two segments in one circle.

Those that can be solved with straight line and circle are properly called 'plane' problems, for the lines by which such problems are solved have their origin in a plane. strength – torsional stress and deformations – twisting couple - torsion pendulum: theory and experiment - bending of beams - bending moment – cantilever: theory and experiment – uniform and non-uniform bending: theory and experiment - I-shaped girders - stress due to bending in.

Modules beginning in 2 are certificate courses/access courses and an understanding of structural models using experiment, project work and formal learning. Give students a preliminary designs and propose building and material design modifications; predict thermal performance within.

MINISTRY OF SURFACE TRANSPORT (SHIPPING WING) Merchant Shipping (Examination of Engineer Officers. in the Merchant Navy) Rules, NOTIFICATION. New Delhi, the 4th April Theory: If simple harmonic motion applies, which I am assuming it does as shown in the equations above, also there is a clear similarity between the time period for a Torsional pendulum and for a mass spring system which is simple harmonic motion, as shown in these 2 equations.

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