Writing a while loop in vba

To make complex macros, you have to write a program using VBA.

Writing a while loop in vba

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To see why, let's look at the resulting SQL statement: Where is the string "jason" in the above? It is not there because we included the variable name strMyString inside the quotation marks, so the variable name was treated as literal name and was not evaluated for what it contained.

To get this value, we need to put the variable outside of the SQL string, so that VBA can evaluate the string and then include that evaluated value into the SQL string. Well, look at the resulting SQL statement: In the above statement jason is not being treated as a string.

We need to surround it with a delimiter that SQL knows means "a string".

writing a while loop in vba

Like quotation marks single or double. This is where it starts getting confusing: Look at the SQL statement: What if the string contains a delimiter? That is, what if the name was "O'Toole"?

Look at the resulting SQL statement: You could delimit the string with double quotation marks: But what if the string itself contains a double quotation mark? Well, you could double up the delimiting quotation marks: The solution some like is to use to always use either single quotes or double quotes for delimiters.

Then, use a function to "prepare" the string for quoting, which simply means going through the string and doubling the chosen delimiter. The doubled-up delimiter is now treated as a normal character.

There is also more reading on this issue at the Knowledge Base: Query for Literal Special Characters in a Where Clause You'll be glad to know that if you made it through all that, the hardest part is behind you!

Dates are up next, and we're going to look at the right way to handle them, and introduce a few new points about SQL in VBA as incidental information:Writing Your Own Functions In VBA.

This page describes how to write your own worksheet functions in VBA.

What's Next? By creating what is commonly called a "Word Macro" you can automate many features available in Word.
VBA For Each … In … Next Loop Starts the definition of the Do loop. While Required unless Until is used.
Excel VBA - Free online reference guide (Looping - DoUntil/WhileLoop) It has rows and columns, and it has cells that represent the intersections of the rows and columns.
Read file in VBA (txt, xml, csv, binary) - Analyst Cave If condition is Nothing, Visual Basic treats it as False. One or more statements following While, which run every time condition is True.

While Excel provides a plethora of built-in functions, especially so if you include functions in the Analysis Took Pack (in Excel , the functions that used to be in the ATP are now native Excel functions) you may find it useful to create your own custom function for things that Excel.

Before you can start writing your own VBA code, you must have a good understanding of these topics: objects, properties, and methods.

It is also necessary to be familiar with common programming constructs, such as looping and If-Then statements.

Leave Loop When Condition Met

This diagram shows the flow of control in a while loop: This video clip gives you some examples of writing while loops in Python. WHILE Loop Examples. Here is an example of a while loop being used to test a password.

The Exit While statement can provide another way to exit a While loop. Exit While immediately transfers control to the statement that follows the End While statement.

You typically use Exit While after some condition is evaluated (for example, in an If. [Answer] Factorial using while loop This is how I solved it and it works.

I published this so that in case anyone is pursuing similar method, he may refer here. For newcomers to VBA it's easy to make simple errors like creating an endless loop in your code. We've all made the same mistakes but now you can find out how to write code that avoids the dreaded endless loop.

Excel VBA Programming - Arrays and Loops